We truly believe that people who unleash their full potential in the right place, transform organization and society

About ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

ParP – PeopleAtRightPlace are experts in behavioural design, strength-oriented workplaces design and leadership transformation with 20 years of experience in 20 countries. Our focus is on changing attitudes and approaches and transforming these into new behaviours and practices. Using scientifically proven methods, we create sustainable cultural change and joy in the workplace. We work with organizations who are ready to grow with their people in building their own "PeopleAtRightPlace“.

We translate your strategy into practice & implement into behavior that lasts.
We provide practical tools & proven methods to adopt new ways of thinking & acting.
We accompany you step by step until you have reached your goals.

We Deliver Impact.

We align PEOPLE and PLACES to ensure that

...people are competent, motivated and empowered

...& organizations are attractive, places of joy and have visible sustainability


Uniqueness Discovery Journey

Frustrated at work? Do you feel that you are wasting your time and missing out on all or most of your potential?

Are you hearing others say "I work with passion and joy" instead of "I hate my job"? Do you want to be able to say that about your (work)life

Selling your time for money is waste of your one precious life.

According to latest studies and research more than 80% of people are unhappy with their current professional situation.

Stuck in work environments that don’t suit them or don’t provide enough space to grow, stuck in the professional hamster wheel, that 80% is becoming increasingly dissatisfied, discouraged, demotivated.

We refuse to believe that it should be like this or that such a life should be the ‘norm’. It’s time – long overdue – for you to sit at the wheel of your working life.

Curious how you can discover your uniqueness and finally start living?

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