We truly believe that PEOPLE who unleash their full potential in the right PLACE, transform organizations and society.

About ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

ParP – PeopleAtRightPlace are experts in behavioral design, strengths-based work and leadership transformation with 20 years of experience in 20 countries. Sounds like a lot, but when you work with international companies for that long, it adds up. 

Our focus is on changing attitudes and approaches and transforming these into new behaviours and practices. We use scientifically proven methods to ensure sustainable culture change and engagement in the workplace. We work with organizations who are ready to grow with their people in building their own "PeopleAtRightPlace“.

We translate your strategy into practice & implement into behavior that lasts.
We provide practical tools & proven methods to adopt new ways of thinking & acting.
We accompany you step by step until you have reached your goals.

We align PEOPLE and PLACES to ensure that


people and teams are able to contribute their full potential, skills and talents to achive the organization's goals.


As a result, organizations become attractive, a place of joy and powerful collaboration.


We deliver IMPACT

ParP Model

What do we mean by "Alignment of People & Place"?

Our ParP model shows it - by providing the framework of what questions need to be answered to build a supportive Behavioral Design architecture. In the industrial age, but in many cases still today, organizations focused on training to develop and improve the abilities and skills of their workforce.
On the PEOPLE side of the ParP model, you see that this often fails not only because of people's willingness but in many cases, the workforce is not allowed to do what they are already capable of doing and are expected to do. This is a major roadblock in any transformation initiative.
On the PLACE side, the ParP concept looks at the organization's structure, processes, and practices - three components that form the fundament of how people act.
Only with alignment and balance of people and place is transformation and goal-oriented behavior change possible.
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Full transfer effectiveness is given when the alignment of people & place is given.

Professor Robert O. Brinkerhoff, one of the leading experts in the field of effectiveness and evaluation, has found that, on average, only two out of twelve trainees manage to transfer what they have learned into everyday life.

The essence of transfer research Transfer researchers have been working on this question for more than a hundred years, conducting empirical studies in which they iteratively manipulate various factors, then measure the change in transfer results.

There is a broad consensus that three elements are crucial for transfer effectiveness: training participants (PEOPLE), training design, organization (PLACE).

Our Approach is People & Place alignment and the ParP Method includes the design and learning transfer as a bridge.

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by Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Whose job is it to set the levers to “transfer effectiveness”?

As an HR developer, you may say, “What do I care about things like training design? That’s up to the trainers.” As a trainer, you may think, “I don’t have any leverage over organizational issues.”

The main reason for poor transfer success: a lack of clear responsibilities. Effective transfer is always the outcome of a joint effort. Learning transfer means putting acquired knowledge, skills, and attitudes into practice.

A transfer goal describes an action that leads to the desired business success – a critical behaviour.

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Know your STRENGTHS and use the FULL potential to be successful in your professional life!


According to the latest studies, more than 80% of people are unhappy with their current professional situation and wait for their retirement. People do not dare to change AND if they do, they have no idea HOW.

Isn't that terrible? Under NO circumstances, you should consider such a life as normal. Start to sit at the wheel of your life!


Award 2021


We received the "2021 Award for Innovation in Behavioral Design Solutions" by Global Excellence for our high-impact digital programs that achieve sustainable change.

Award 2020


We're proud on two counts: In 2020, HR Tech Outlook awarded us among the top 10 companies in the category "Top European Leadership Development Company" that achieve sustainable impact.

Our Vision


By 2030 we have transformed the workplace of 3 Million people to PeopleAtRightPlace. We have empowered 1.000 organizations to become a workplace of joy and growth, so that people live their full potential and businesses flourish and thrive sustainably.

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Meet Our Team


The team of ParP consists of psychologists, scientists, coaches, behavioral design architects, trainers, analysts, philosophers, musicians, gardeners, sailors, graphic designers, programmers, ... but above all of people who are passionate about what they do. We have all experienced ourselves what it means to be out of place and can well relate to your pain. We've also seen how peak performance becomes visible when we fully realize our own potential. And we know how to change old patterns and traditional behaviors to reach our goals with ease.

The architects and designers of our behavioral design programs.

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