We truly believe that people who unleash their full potential in the right place, transform organization and society

About ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

ParP – PeopleAtRightPlace are experts in behavioural design, strength-oriented workplaces design and leadership transformation with 20 years of experience in 20 countries. Sounds a lot? When you've been working with international companies for so long, it adds up. 

Our focus is on changing attitudes and approaches and transforming these into new behaviours and practices. Using scientifically proven methods, we ensure sustainable culture change and engagement in the workplace. We work with organizations who are ready to grow with their people in building their own "PeopleAtRightPlace“.

We translate your strategy into practice & implement into behavior that lasts.
We provide practical tools & proven methods to adopt new ways of thinking & acting.
We accompany you step by step until you have reached your goals.

We Deliver Impact.

Our Awards


We are proud: In 2020 we have been awarded from HR Tech Outlook among the top 10 companies in the "Top European Leadership Development Company" category creating sustainable impact. And recently, Global Excellence Award presented "2021 Award for Innovation in Behavioral Design Solutions" to ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace.

Our Vision


By 2030 we have transformed the workplace of 3 Million people to PeopleAtRightPlace. We have empowered 1.000 organizations to become a workplace of joy and growth, so that people live their full potential and businesses flourish and thrive sustainably.

We align PEOPLE and PLACES to ensure that

...people are competent, motivated and empowered


...organizations are attractive, places of collaboration and deliver visible results

Know your STRENGTHS and use the FULL potential to be successful in your professional life!


Do you find what you do pointless? Do you already look forward to the weekend on Mondays? Are you one of the people, who say “I hate my job” instead of “I work for my passion”?

And now we are telling you:
Selling your time for money is a waste of your lifetime.

According to the latest studies, more than 80% of people are unhappy with their current professional situation and wait for their retirement. People do not dare to change AND if they do, they have no idea HOW.

Isn't that terrible? Under NO circumstances, you should consider such a life as normal. Start to sit at the wheel of your life!


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