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Stress Resilience

Manage your stress by learning simple, but effective techniques of the latest neuroscience and psychology findings


Moderate stress is a natural part of life. However, too much stress negatively affects your life, work as well as your health.

We will look at steps and various methods of neuroscience and psychology that will help you significantly reduce your stress and increase resilience.

Build up your resilience:

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1. Learn why mindfulness is a crucial skill for emotional balance

2. Discover how body awareness supports your decision-making

3. Practice techniques to stop, take a break, and observe

4. Develop your inner strengths by taking in good

5. Become a master of cognitive jujitsu

6. Implement gratefulness in your daily life

7. Create new habits, which serve you rather than harm you

8. Gain insights on latest neuroscience and psychology discoveries

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