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We align PEOPLE and PLACES to ensure that people and teams are able to contribute their full potential, skills, and talents to achieve the organization's goals.

As a result, organizations become attractive, a place of joy and powerful collaboration.

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Behavioral Design

We make 35.000 decisions every day most of them unconsciously and automatically. According to Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman, human brain decision making is divided into two sections - System 1, the fast brain is responsible for 98% of our daily thinking and execution of our decisions.

No wonder that people find it difficult to change and go new ways. Behavioral Design offers a solution. It acts directly on System 1 and helps to create the right environment for people to take actions or make decisions toward desired goals.

In our programs, you will learn the best process to follow when designing a new behavior change. We developed the Behavioral Design Process to help organizations get better results when they try to change behavior. When you complete our programs, you will be able to apply the process to your projects and your entire organization.

All our work follows one principle:

When the flower doesn't bloom, change the ENVIRONMENT in which it grows, not the flower.

You will learn:

  • The 5 steps of the Behavioral Design Process
  • How to use the 5 steps to avoid your own cognitive biases as you plan behavior change
  • How to get your team to agree on the behavioral outcomes/results and why that is important
  • How to determine specific behavioral outcomes
  • How to improve the behavioral outcomes you achieve by thinking as a behavioral designer

Behavioral Design Process

  1. Clarify your intentions
  2. Identify the desired behavior
  3. Discourage old behavior
  4. Enable new behavior
  5. Celebrate success & move on

Our behavioral design process refers to the systematic understanding of how people think, feel and act and how they make decisions.

2021 Award for Innovation in Behavioral Design Solutions - PeopleAtRightPlace

Award 2021

We received the "2021 Award for Innovation in Behavioral Design Solutions" by Global Excellence for our high-impact digital programs that achieve sustainable change.

2020 Top European Leadership Development Company - PeopleAtRightPlace

Award 2020

We're proud on two counts: In 2020, HR Tech Outlook awarded us among the top 10 companies in the category "Top European Leadership Development Company" that achieve sustainable impact.

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Our Vision

By 2030 we have transformed the workplace of 3 Million people to PeopleAtRightPlace. We have empowered 1.000 organizations to become a workplace of joy and growth, so that people live their full potential and businesses flourish and thrive sustainably.

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The team of ParP consists of psychologists, scientists, coaches, behavioral design architects, trainers, analysts, philosophers, musicians, gardeners, sailors, graphic designers, programmers, ... but above all of people who are passionate about what they do. We have all experienced ourselves what it means to be out of place and can well relate to your pain. We've also seen how peak performance becomes visible when we fully realize our own potential. And we know how to change old patterns and traditional behaviors to reach our goals with ease.

The architects and designers of our behavioral design programs.
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