Programs for Organizations & Leaders

Discover your Strengths at Workplace

Know your strengths and use the full potential at your workplace

The Uniqueness Discovery Journey program is founded on science-based knowledge from recognized scientists and award-winning authors, as well as proven achievements in biochemistry, physics, epigenetics, psychology, and neuroscience.


Team Performance through NeuroScience

Increase your own effectiveness as a leader & your team!

Discover a revolutionary new approach to personal and team effectiveness based on neuroanalytical science! Using the power of neuroscience and neuroanalysis, fully understand unique neurobiological traits and then turn them into success - for both you and your team members!


FAIL - SHARE - GROW high-trust organization

Transforming Failure and Fear to a Culture of Learning and Growth

People in organizations are afraid of making mistakes. This is because every time a mistake is made, there are fears such as dismissal, non-promotion, and bad marks in performance appraisals. Therefore, the main concern in most companies is avoiding mistakes. 


Leadership Culture by Design

Living the trust culture of the 21st century

How to get rid of automated industrial-age behaviors that impact business goals, team collaboration, and decision-making processes. Empower your organization to understand that perceptual biases and old patterns of behavior are human, and that this is precisely why it needs structures and processes to manage them and thereby make more objective decisions.


How to Ride an Elephant

Changing your organization means changing human behavior

It’s like riding an elephant. That means: you need to direct the Rider, motivate the Elephant, and shape the Path. Implement this applicable and actionable program based on the work of J. Haidt & C. & D. Heath and your transformation will flourish.


Leading Change

Our Iceberg is melting - the fundaments of organizations change

Implement this applicable and actionable program eight-week program based on the work of John P. Kotter, and your leaders will understand how to successfully implement change.

When we face change our most likely reaction is resistance; well, not always, some changes in our lives are very welcome. 



Professional, emotional and motivational support for your employees

When you let your employees go, it's an unpleasant and sometimes painful experience for both of you. For the employee, it means loss of income and identity; for you, offboarding an employee is a challenging situation, even for the most seasoned HR professional.



Successful Onboarding is the Key to fast Incorporation and Performance

The ParP Onboarding process helps new employees best and most quickly understand the new company's cultural environment, leadership relationships, and how teams operate after the hiring process.


Digital Meeting Culture

Simply better meetings through behavioral design

The number of meetings has multiplied in recent months. Almost everyone is at the end of their strength and complains about daily marathons of meetings without concrete results. "I'm sure that's because we're not all in the office." Not quite. That's not the main reason. Rather, it's because we're applying our old habits and behaviors to a new situation and work environment. Clearly, this is bound to fail.

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