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Leadership Culture by Design

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How to get rid of automated industrial-age behaviors that impact business goals, team collaboration, and decision-making processes. Empower your organization to understand that perceptual biases and old patterns of behavior are human, and that this is precisely why it needs structures and processes to manage them and thereby make more objective decisions.

Behavior on autopilot

The negative impact of outdated behavior on your organization:

  • Familiar behavior produces, at best, the same results as yesterday. We can't solve tomorrow's problems with it.
  • Groupthink drives conformity. Blind spots prevent development. Failure culture stops innovation.
  • Outdated structures promote outdated results. Rigid processes hinder change.
Behavior Design Solution

The positive impact of supportive behaviors on your organization:

  • Increased ability to reflect on stereotypical behavior and its impact on business goals, teamwork & decision-making.
  • Methods, techniques and checklists for the step-by-step implementation of small routine changes in everyday work that stick.
  • Your leaders know implementable solution strategies and develop them for their own area of responsibility.
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7 steps to a Leadership Culture by design:

1. Understand how "human" works - biologically and neuroscientifically.

2. Analyze the current state: what is the behavior today and the result?

3. Determine the goal: What outcome do I want to achieve instead?

4. Evaluate various approaches, techniques, and methods for feasibility.

5. Test what works and what doesn't, practicing a trial and error mindset.

6. Select the most effective method and create a soft implementation plan.

7. Look back, rejoice and start with the next small step.

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  • Determine how humans think, feel and act
  • Looking at Decision-Making processes from various perspectives
  • Behavioral Design & Nudging Techniques
  • Implementing techniques in the daily workplace
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