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The Uniqueness Discovery Journey program is founded on science-based knowledge from recognized scientists and award-winning authors, as well as proven achievements in biochemistry, physics, epigenetics, psychology, and neuroscience.

Discover your bio-chemical uniqueness, know yourself and your strengths, AND how to apply them to your work life to be successful.

The 8-week program is designed to identify your strengths and apply them to your everyday work:

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Uniqueness Discovery Journey:

1. Strengths & Growth - your bio-chemical uniqueness

Understand the importance of a strength-oriented approach and a growth mindset in discovering your strengths. Receive your exciting and personal bio-chemical NeuroColor Report.

2. Habits & Change - your unique style at work

Take steps to implement your strengths in your daily life and apply them intentionally. Discover how to create new habits of doing more of what you love.

3. Peak Performance - your optimal workplace

Explore the aspects of making your workplace engaging and motivating for you. Learn what to change to perform and how to align your strengths with your job.

4. Team Performance - your contribution in teams

Learn how to maximize your potential as a team member to be more successful. Ask "what others should know about me" for smoother cooperation, trust-based relationships and positive communication within teams.

5. Stress & Resilience - reduce stress

Experience the latest findings in neuroscience on how to reduce negative stress. Learn how to use your strengths for resilient and joyful work life.

6. Effective Communication - improve your communication

Knowing your audience is as imporant as knowing yourself and your communication style. Learn the most important aspects of effective communication along with practical tips and tools..

7. Organizational Change & Conflict - manage change and conflicts

Organizational changes affects all - teams and individuals - different personality types react differently. Gain awareness of how you react to change can help you take the challenge and adapt more quickly.

8. Decision-Making & Influence - your decision-making pattern

Become aware of how you make decisions and how you influence decisions made by others. Learn how you can create an opportunity to adjust and increase your impact on daily choices at work.

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  • Identify your strengths
  • Succeed by doing what you love
  • Use your full potential at the workplace
  • Change habits to reach your goals
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