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Our Iceberg is melting - the fundaments of organizations change


Implement this applicable and actionable program eight-week program based on the work of John P. Kotter, and your leaders will understand how to successfully implement change.

When we face change our most likely reaction is resistance; well, not always, some changes in our lives are very welcome. When organizational change ripples down to the team and individual levels, everyone responds differently. Understanding organizational change means understanding humans. More precisely, how humans think, feel, and act.

“Our Iceberg Is Melting” is an amazing fable about organizational change. The story of the penguin colony is about real-life problems of nearly every organizations. It builds John Kotter’s award-winning research on how successful change really happens. In this program, we will transfer this story step-by-step into your real world.

The method is quite simple. We will walk through the story; reflecting in each chapter; digesting it piece-by-piece; identifying the application steps tailored to the specific needs of your current situation.

At the end of the program you will hold your own change process in your hands. Tailored to the specific needs of your organization. A unique masterpiece crafted by you.

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Leading Change ingredients:


What's your iceberg?

Make your reality check with a four quadrants model.

Module 1 - Sense of Urgency
Module 2 - Guiding Coalition
Module 3 - Change Vision and Strategy
Module 4 - Communication for Buy-in
Module 5 - Empower broad-based Action
Module 6 - Short-term Wins
Module 7 - Never Let Up
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  • Discover the iceberg in your organization
  • Understand the 7 steps of successful change
  • Become a real game changer
  • Succeed in your company's change process
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