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Transforming Failure and Fear to a Culture of Learning and Growth


People in organizations are afraid of making mistakes. This is because every time a mistake is made, there are fears such as dismissal, non-promotion, and bad marks in performance appraisals. Therefore, the main concern in most companies is avoiding mistakes. And a dramatic consequence is covering up when mistakes actually happen. However, one of the most important factors in the development of an organization is to learn that similar mistakes will not happen again! So, if the culture of an organization allows mistakes to be an opportunity to grow and to be shared transparently, a real transformation to the culture of learning and growing will take place.

In our Fail-Share-Grow program, we focus on learning from failure and daring to do the extraordinary. Using the methods of Behavioural Design, we provide you with the framework and systematic approach for designing human behavior. Our design opens up completely new perspectives and prepares you for sustainable transformation. The courage to try new ways of doing things is what develops an organization, drives innovation and shapes the future. Developing a fail-share-grow culture supports your organization to be agile and innovative.

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You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs. If you dare to try new ways and innovative approaches, you will also fail. Failure is the basis for all learning & growing.

A failure is only a mistake as long as we don't learn anything from it. A trial and error culture learns from past mistakes, shares lessons with others to do better next time.

Growing together as an organization - the fruit of new thinking & doing. We remove roadblocks of old thinking and implement new formats that enable failure, sharing and growth.

  • Analyze your previous decision paths: Which behavior is rewarded?
  • Establish new habits using behavioral design methods so that they are implemented in everyday work.
  • By sharing trial and error with others, learning takes place. Leaving old habits and thought patterns, daring new ways of seeing and doing. Step by step, a place of trust and collaboration is created.
  • We accompany you into a culture of learning and growth - for your organization, leaders and employees.
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  • Discover how to learn from failure and do extraordinary
  • Establish new habits to share trial and error with others
  • Create a culture of learning and growth at your organisation
  • 24/7 access through micro-learning
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