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How to Ride an Elephant

Changing your organization means changing human behavior


It’s like riding an elephant. That means: you need to direct the Rider, motivate the Elephant, and shape the Path. Implement this applicable and actionable program based on the work of J. Haidt & C. & D. Heath and your transformation will flourish.

If you are leading people you are probably trying to get them to do something different. That means somebody, somewhere in your organization must start acting differently. Maybe it’s you. Maybe it’s your people. In most of the cases it's all people involved.

With the mindset of the past, you will get, with some luck, the results of your past. “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” Thomas Jefferson. If you want to change your organization, you need to help your people to change their behavior. And if you want to change people’s behavior you are facing one of the greatest leadership challenges you will ever meet.

Whenever we want to change our behavior the following pattern appears: the RIDER in us, our rational side, wants to go in a new direction. The ELEPHANT in us, our emotional side, wants to remain on the old PATH.

Good news is there is a solution. It is simple and effective. In this program we will show you how you can lead your people through change. You will understand and be able to use the key elements of successful change in human behavior.

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How to Ride an Elephant ingredients:

1. Direct the RIDER with CLARITY:

Tactic #1: Follow the Bright Spots

Tactic #2: Script the Critical Moves

Tactic #3: Point to the Destination

2. Motivate the ELEPHANT with EMOTIONS:

Tactic #4: Find the Feeling

Tactic #5: Shrink the Change

Tactic #6: Grow your People

3. Shape the PATH for the SITUATION:

Tactic #7: Tweak the Environment

Tactic #8: Build Habits

Tactic #9: Rally the Herd

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  • Discover the concept of Rider - Elephant - Path
  • Learn the key elements of successful change in human behavior
  • Help your people to leave the status quo
  • Implement 9 tactics to make your change happen
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