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Successful Onboarding is the Key to fast Incorporation and Performance


The ParP Onboarding process helps new employees best and most quickly understand the new company's cultural environment, leadership relationships, and how teams operate after the hiring process.

It is an orientation and support program that enables the new employee to settle into the new role in the most efficient way to add value to the company in line with business objectives.

Why Onboarding is important...

Our brain is constantly trying to anticipate the future. The new employee is concerned about the expectations of the employer, the cultural environment of the new organization, the processes, procedures, functions of the teams, the relationships between team members, and any rules that are not written down. The new employee wants to fit into the organization and be successful.

The new employer wonders...

was it the right choice during the hiring or promotion process, will the new hire fit the role, achieve the goals set, be able to integrate into the organization, work successfully with the team, and will they be able to add value to the company? Expectations are rising on both sides.

Individual uncertainty triggers the instinct for self-preservation and drives people apart, while security welds them together. The more transparent both parts can be in these first weeks of collaboration, the more secure they will feel.

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Benefits for new hire & the organization

  • Enables the new hire to reach top performance in shorter timer
  • Transparent communication between superior and new hire as a ideal basis for a healthy and collaborative working environment
  • Consciousness of mutual expectations is the perfect foundation for an outstanding cooperation
  • Bio-chemical NeuroScience analysis supports the empowering and most effective way to reach peak performance
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  • Trustful cooperation from the very beginning
  • Collaborative working environment
  • Clear clarification of expectations on both sides
  • Higher employee retention from day 1
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