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When you let your employees go, it's an unpleasant and sometimes painful experience for both of you. For the employee, it means loss of income and identity; for you, offboarding an employee is a challenging situation, even for the most seasoned HR professional. However, it's in your hands to make the right decision and help your employees make the transition to a new, meaningful position with as little stress as possible.

Benefits for outplaced employee
  • 3 individual sessions with an international experienced recruiting coach
  • Support for creating a career strategy, getting prepared for interviews, resume writing, LinkedIn profile
  • Opportunity for interview practice and getting instant feedback
  • Insights from international experienced recruiters who have been guiding executives and leaders for the last 15 years
  • A non-traditional, empowering and effective way to get the right job
Benefits for the organization
  • Your former employees are integrated into a solution-focused process that moves them more quickly into the next phase of their careers.
  • Being well taken care of from the start instead of left alone ensures a caring attitude and positive employer branding. These former employees will remain ambassadors for your brand.
  • You can be sure that your former employees are in good hands. Accurate analysis of indivdual strengths, support in the application process and targeted focus lead to faster hires.
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3 parts of our Outplacement Program:

1. Clear Strategy for Your Career:

What really motivates you in your career, what do you find meaningful?

What are you looking for?

2. Get Prepared to Your Interview:

Good preparation is everything. How to read job descriptions? How to answer behavioal interview questions? What questions you may be asked in an interview? CV & LinkedIn Profile check.

3. Interview Practice to Impress:

Two interview rehearsals with professional feedback until it really fits for the final deal.

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  • Support in outplacement process
  • Positive employer branding
  • Effective support for your dismissed workforce to get a job they want
  • Recognition as a human-oriented employer
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