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The number of meetings has multiplied in recent months. Almost everyone is at the end of their strength and complains about daily marathons of meetings without concrete results. "I'm sure that's because we're not all in the office." Not quite. That's not the main reason. Rather, it's because we're applying our old habits and behaviors to a new situation and work environment. Clearly, this is bound to fail.

A meeting culture that is short, crisp, to the point and delivers excellent results is in short supply. No wonder, considering that not enough time was available or taken to establish a digital meeting culture.

Yet it can be quite simple. Fewer, shorter, more focused, and more effective meetings are possible when we apply the 5 Behavioral Design Process steps:

  1. Clarify your intentions
  2. Identify the desired behavior
  3. Discourage old behavior
  4. Enable new behavior
  5. Celebrate success & move on

Examples of techniques that directly impact the behavior in meetings include:

  • Reduce the standard time (instead of 60 minutes, set the default to 50 minutes)
  • Purposeful preparation with a clear agenda (structure & preparation is the key)
  • Digital visible clock (allocate speaking time in a targeted & topic-specific manner)
  • Clearly assign roles in advance (everyone knows why they are participating)
  • Minimize distractions (direct the focus on the goal)

Make every meeting productive! Shape your meeting culture - for better results, considered decisions instead of snap decisions, and overcome the Sunk Cost Fallacy once and for all.

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Feedback of some leaders joining our program:
  • As a manager, it's often not easy to take time off for training. All the better if the investment pays off. Great program. Thank you so much for this!
  • What an eye opener and yet so simple. The program helped me a lot to change my habits.
  • Very high practicality of the topic. Good timing, length and mix.
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  • Establish a meeting culture of the 21st century
  • Best practice samples from other industries
  • Immediately applicable in daily work life
  • 24/7 access with checklists for daily routines
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