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What would you choose, if you weren't afraid? Mar 25, 2022

I grew up in a publishing house between journalists, writers and poets. Well,...

Interview question: your salary expectations career people at right place Sep 13, 2021

I`d like to share my view as an ex-recruiter. I have asked "what are your...

I have kids, I can’t take the risk to change a job Sep 13, 2021

I get it, I have kids, too.

But WHAT to do, if your current job drains you...

Didn't get a job? Here are 9 reasons WHY! career people at right place Sep 13, 2021

Unfortunately, you were not chosen for the position.

Here are the 9 most...

Treat your people the way THEY NEED to be treated people at right place teams Sep 06, 2021


"There is no magic formula for a great company culture. The key is...

The Downside of Hybrid Meetings career teams Sep 01, 2021

The day when employees return to the office is getting closer and closer. In...

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Get the best for building tomorrow's workplace!
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Meet your Authors

Sabine Caliskan
CEO of ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

Sabine is a behavioral design architect, key-note speaker and consultant for organizational transformation, decision making and a new work singer. Her key areas include growth mindset, the fearless organization and shaping a learning and leadership culture for the future. In 2020 her organization has been awarded from HR Tech Outlook among the top 10 companies in the "Top European Leadership Development Company" category creating sustainable impact.

Caglayan Caliskan
Co-Founder of ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

Çağlayan is a sparring partner, facilitator, co-creator, process designer and urban gardener. He is a former merchant marine captain and has spent many years in leading positions in the banking sector. Having experienced the challenging work frame of being an executive, he co-creates transformation processes for ambitious organizations. As he is fluent in Turkish, German and English he works with local and international companies in all three languages.

Inuta Sert
Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @ PARP

Inuta joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2009. She has more than 15 years of experience in supporting people to find their right place, discover their potential and hidden limitations. She has graduated from Psychology department. Even though she loves to dig deep, she does it quickly and rather focuses on how to immediately improve today.

Gizem Kaya
Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @ PARP

Gizem joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2014. She has graduated from Psychological Counseling department. With her deep knowledge of human mind and behavior, she is our expert of evaluation and development of potentials and a brilliant DNA-Coach of our Uniqueness Discovery Journey. She is kind, careful and stays calm – even in most hectic situations.

Ezgi Kayaardi
Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @ PARP

Ezgi joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2019. She is graduated from Psychology department and an expert in psychological analysis, a straight forward DNA-Coach and supports our team all over the globe.

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