We deliver IMPACT.

#peopleatrightplace Oct 29, 2020

In everything we do, we deliver impact.

We focus on meaningful and sustainable approaches, our attitude and behaviour, our fellows and the world around us. While we say what we mean, we keep our promises and take responsibility for our results. We believe that only when people and places go hand in hand will true transformation happen, and visible impact be created.

Without impact there is no motivation in the long run, no meaning or sense in the job itself. Without that you can only move your organization and people by money, bonuses and carrots (extrinsic motivation). And everyone knows where this is going to end.

Insight into the business and the significance of the individual’s role and participation in the operation is the key concept in the successful development of companies and organizations. After a substantial analysis and finding the “damage” in the DNA, we will support you step by step in finding the right adaptations and interventions for your...

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Our Transformation Journey

#peopleatrightplace Oct 29, 2020

Transformation in an organisational context is a profound process of change that moves an organisation into a new direction and brings it to a completely different level of effectiveness.

We began our journey in 2005 with our office in Turkey, focusing on HR consultancy in the field of Search & Selection. Similar to all human beings in their first years, we experienced our surroundings (in our case the Turkish market), followed our instincts, developed an environment and grew day by day until we lost our milk teeth and replaced them with adult teeth.

We grew – in knowledge, insights and our team of competent experts in human resource development extended. Within the first 7 years, we transformed, put ourselves into a new stage of awareness and started our first international Management to Leadership project.

In the years from 7 to 14 we learned to share, interact and co-create together with our local and international customers’ wonderful Leadership projects....

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