What 14 years as a recruiter taught me about true career happiness

Apr 04, 2022

Do you know why I was recruiting for 14 years and didn`t even notice, how fast years pass?

Because I love to spend hours on LinkedIn searching for something, that mostly doesn`t even exist, and still, somehow to manage to find it? Or because I love to get to know a person in just 60min? Or I love to make daring decisions, that change organization`s future and people`s lives?

All are true, but the main reason is that each project was like a new mission. A place, where I could use my curiosity and imagination. Each position, each sector was an exciting journey for me. I got to see unique medical technology, huge logistics warehouses, impressive paper productions, learn what`s a CNC machine and so many, many more..

To be good at my job, I had to know by heart each position I am recruiting for. I had to feel like the person who would do the job. That meant daily transformation from Production Manager to CFO, from Marketing Manager in retail to Sales Manager in the publishing sector.

I have spent days in Media Saturn shops to get the sense of their salespeople, and a weekend in the luxury resort, to learn their personnel needs. Wish it was the opposite, though.

I have “tried on myself” so many professions in those 14 years. I have listened to more than 5000 stories of various professionals.

I have sat at the same table with countless hiring managers of different countries and nationalities. Saw so many ways how one job – hiring – can be done.

And here is what I want to share with everyone, who wonders, are you in the right place.

I can imagine myself in most of the companies and in most of the positions. Even in finance, although big numbers make my eye twitch.  But what I have observed - it doesn't matter if you work for a TOP 500 company or are a small business owner. What really matters is:

🟡Can you use your STRENGTHS effectively in your work?

⚪Does your ENVIRONMENT fit your strengths?

🟡What ROLE would enable you to use your full potential?

⚪How can you COMMUNICATE your strengths to your team, peers, and management, to maximize them?

🟡What STEPS do you need to take to make a change?

Answering these questions might sound scary and complicated at first. But from my experience, when that's done – most people need to make just small adjustments within their current role. Some need to change their position within their company. And sure, there are situations, when you need to change the organization.

I will walk you through every scenario so that you can courageously make your change and have an exciting, fun, and successful career.

How do I do that? My team and I have created the Strengths-Based Approach online program - with the support of your biochemical personality report and weekly 1:1 coaching sessions I will guide you towards a career where you can thrive.

While I am having you here: My goal is to interview 100 people for the market research. (Obviously, I can`t get enough of interviewing in my life.) In exchange for the 15min research interview, I will support you with 15min FREE coaching. We can talk about your strengths and the right place, or anything else if you wish so. Send me a DM or find a link in the comment section to sign up. Can`t wait to see you on the other side of the screen!👋




Inuta Sert

Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @PARP

Inuta joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2009. She has more than 15 years of experience in supporting people to find their right place, discover their potential and hidden limitations. She has graduated from Psychology department. Even though she loves to dig deep, she does it quickly and rather focuses on how to immediately improve today.

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