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Get the JOB YOU want

How are you going to make a DIFFERENCE?

Now it's your turn to choose your employer and decide which job is right for you!

Get the job YOU want: We'll show you how to rock your crucial interview and leave a lasting impression.
No more trembling and worrying, now it's your turn to choose. And not just any job, but the one that best suits you, your talents, and your strengths.
                        You've come to the right place! Here is what you'll get:





are well prepared for the next job interview!

have your career goal right in front of you!

know what it takes to make a lasting impression.

take control of your career and know what really motivates you.

design a strategy to create a career that is truly meaningful to you.

explore ways to express your most authentic self.

choose the organization that truly fits you.

are ready for any interview!

Your Career Choice Milestones

  • Your True Motivators:
    What really motives you in your career, what do you find meaningful enough to give your 8 hours of a day?
  • Motivators vs. Hygiene Factors:
    What really matters and drives people in their professional lives?
  • The Best of the Past/The Dream of Future:
    You can’t be strategic about finding a better job if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, what sort of position will make you happy - and also what you don’t want.
  • Your Career Strategy:
    It's much easier to find the right fit, if you know what you're looking for, not just focused on leaving a bad situation or signing any job offer as soon as possible.
  • A New Perspective:
    A non-traditional, empowering and effective way to get the job you want.
  • Your Career Story:
    Insights from international experienced recruiters who have been guiding executives and leaders for the last 15 years.
  • Behavioral Interview Questions:
    Learn the background of "Tell me about a time when..." - the key to answer recruiter's most favourite type of questions.
  • Preparation to get ready:
    How to read a job description to find the answer of whether you would like to take a certain job or not; to find out which question you may be asked to in an interview; to find out what to expect from a job and company?

  • Rehearsal Preparation:
    Good preparation is everything - Evaluate the job posting, role description, responsibilities, requirements, do research on the company and most importantly, prepare YOUR questions.
  • CV & LinkedIn Profile Check:
    What does your resume say about you? What messages do you convey in your LinkedIn profile? What does a recruiter understand by that? Let experts review your CV and authentic web presence through trained eyes.
  • Rehearsal - Feedback Session - Rehearsal:
    Receive appreciative and constructive feedback that will help you move forward and to be ready for a second rehearsal round of your unique interview story.


Let's get started!

Do you want to make a lasting impression at your job interview?


Do you want to be the person who makes the decision for your next career move? 

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Change the game in interviews!

Our job is to help you find your right place.


"My Career Choice" Program including 3 coaching sessions and Interview Rehearsal

instead of € 1.970,-
70% off
for you today € 590,-


Part 1: Clear strategy for your career

Part 2: Prepare your interview story

Part 3: Interview preparation to impress

+ get your CareerChoice workbook for successful implementation

+ 3x individual 1:1 meetings including interview rehearsal

+ Professional CV check



Frequently Asked Questions

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A whole new way to the
job search process
A strategy to overcome obstacles hindering you from reaching
your goals
Uncovering hidden insights
through practical exercises
Opportunity to rehearse your
interview and get instant
professional feedback
Identify where to focus your time
and attention to direct your
energy into the right career
Your uniqueness report, which
helps you to express your
strengths and put them in
a nutshell.

“My Career Choice” is NOT suitable for people

My Career Choice is
definitely for you if you...

  • … who are not ready to take control of their own lives.
  • … who blame others or their boss for not achieving their goals.
  • … who are expecting reach the extraordinary without investing time and energy.
  • … who want to continue to dazzle instead of being interested in real career opportunities and to make a difference.

"My Career Choice" is definitely for you if you...

  • … want to choose your employer and identify if it is the job that you will enjoy and get you further in your goals.
  • … want to get clear about what motivates you and what is most important to you in your career.
  • … want to rock every job interview without pretending to be someone else, without exaggeration and just being who you really are.
  • ...want to know which questions are key in an interview and how to leave a lasting impression with clear and to the point answers.
  • … want to practice your interview with an experienced recruiter who can objectively give supportive feedback, guide, and support you.
  • … have had enough going with the flow, and now, you want to be behind the wheels of your career.
  • … want to stand out of the crowd.
I am ready for my-career-choice!



The team of ParP consists of psychologists, scientists, coaches, behavioral design architects, trainers, analysts, philosophers, musicians, gardeners, sailors, graphic designers, programmers…

But above all, of people who are passionate about what they do. We have all experienced ourselves what it means to be out of place and can well relate to your pain.

Our 16 years of experience of executive recruiting and headhunter time is the backbone of this program. We have supported many leaders & executives to land jobs. But now is the time to turn it around. We have arrived at a time when applicants are CHOOSING their employers. Because they know their value and their strengths. And that's where we come in and support you.

We wish you to be happy and fulfilled, to reach your full potential, even after a long and tiring day at work. We wish you to be yourself during the interviews; without being nervous and stressed. We wish you to shape the interview and choose your employer instead of being the chosen one. We want you to be in control of your career.

Take advantage of our knowledge and experience and CHOOSE the job that suits you best.

We support you in becoming a “PeopleAtRightPlace”.

Our Awards


We are proud: In 2020 we have been awarded from HR Tech Outlook among the top 10 companies in the "Top European Leadership Development Company" category creating sustainable impact. And recently, Global Excellence Award presented "2021 Award for Innovation in Behavioral Design Solutions" to ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace.

Our Vision


By 2030 we have transformed the workplace of 3 Million people to PeopleAtRightPlace. We have empowered 1.000 organizations to become a workplace of joy and growth, so that people live their full potential and businesses flourish and thrive sustainably.

I'm ready for my career choice