Treat your people the way THEY NEED to be treated

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"There is no magic formula for a great company culture. The key is just to treat your people how you would like to be treated."


Sounds very romantic and simple to apply. But the reality in everyday working life is different. (Any person who has two or more children will confirm it with countless examples.)

Let's take a closer look at this statement without being blinded by the charming saying.

"There is no magic formula for a great corporate culture." This is clearly true. After all, we don't have a charming Jeannie who reads our wishes from our eyes and implements them with a blink. It is and remains work. Work on ourselves, as role models, as leaders and, above all, work to create the framework for a great corporate culture.

But the key, is supposed to be treating your employees the way you want to be treated? Have you ever thought this through? I, for one, have been very fortunate that in all of my employment, my immediate manager has understood very quickly what I need and what makes me tick. I function best when I am given a clear goal, but the way to achieve it is left entirely up to me. That motivates me and gives me energy.

My colleagues were completely different. One wanted to know exactly what works and what doesn't, what exactly is expected of him, preferably with templates and precise work instructions. Another colleague preferred not to have any responsibility, but to work for the team. 

In my current team it is no different. Whatever Gizem does, she wants it to be extremely thorough, scientifically sound, with sources and references, and precisely worded. Perfect. I don't have anyone else on my team who likes to do that. Ezgi is completely different. With her, everything has to happen at lightning speed. Her peak performance is shown in small but quickly implementable tasks.

Inuta, on the other hand, needs room for creativity. She wants to bring in her personal touch and her sense of humor. She also needs interaction with others, which stimulates her creativity even more. Caglayan, on the other hand, is completely different: give him a topic and a book and you get a ready-made leadership development concept with a training roadmap, transfer steps including milestones.

So now imagine if I treated them all the way I want to be treated. Not a chance. We wouldn't be a thriving, but a sick, withering bunch and certainly not a great team for so many years.

Room for improvement: always! In exchange and with the help of our individual strength profile. We know from each other exactly what makes us tick and what each of us needs. And we also know what framework conditions we need, so that we could develop a transparent, trusting and successful corporate culture.

Would you also like to know what makes your team tick? Which strengths need more space and what kind of collaboration leads to peak performance? 

Our compact online program gives you the key to how your team wants to be treated. No magic formula but a step-by-step guide that makes working on your company culture much easier.

It's work. But a very rewarding one. That's a promise!


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Sabine Caliskan

CEO of ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace

Sabine CALISKAN is an award-winning behavioral architect for Leadership & Organizational Culture and Managing Director of ParP - PeopleAtRightPlace.

Together with her team of experts, she supports organizations and leaders to establish conducive behavior that leads to desired results.


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