I have kids, I can’t take the risk to change a job

Sep 13, 2021

I get it, I have kids, too.

But WHAT to do, if your current job drains you and affects badly your health? And you have no time to spend with your family? Or you are overwhelmed by your work issues, even when you are at home? Or you simply feel stuck, for years, doing the same thing all over again, not succeeding enough, not enjoying enough? Might be even feeling like YOU are not good enough?

1.  You don’t have to leave your job instantly. Start with considering, that you are NOT trapped. It will give you back some sense of control. That is necessary to calm down your nerves (more precisely: calming down the center in the brain called the amygdala, which is responsible for flight or fight reaction in your body). You can make the choice to leave when you are READY.

2.  “When running from a wolf, you can run into a bear”, it’s a Latvian saying. Don’t leave your job in high emotions. When in intense emotions, our limbic system blocks the prefrontal cortex, which is responsible for rational thinking. Decisions, made in high emotions and under stress, might not be the best in long term. You need clarity. You need a career strategy. You need a safe, long-term decision.

3.  Know what you want and know how to get it. If you decide to leave your job, don’t leave it for ANY KIND OF ANOTHER job. Leave it for the job you LOVE and where you can be successful by being just you.

Take every day some time to reflect on what is it you dislike about your current job? Responsibilities? Environment? Relationship with peers or management? Organization’s values?

What is it you love about it? What energizes you?

What drains you? What would you change?

What would you want to keep doing?

What environment supports your success? Big corporate organization? Small, flexible? Work in office, or on the field?

Need help? We have put together our past experience in recruiting and expertise in psychology and neuroscience, and created an online program to support you. Make a safe decision for your next career move!

Visit www.My-Career-Choice.com and see that a new job is not risky anymore when it is broken down into meaningful steps!

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Inuta Sert

Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @PARP

Inuta joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2009. She has more than 15 years of experience in supporting people to find their right place, discover their potential and hidden limitations. She has graduated from Psychology department. Even though she loves to dig deep, she does it quickly and rather focuses on how to immediately improve today.


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