Your team is not an engineering problem

Mar 09, 2021

“If nothing is broken, don’t touch it. If something is broken, fix it.” – that’s the common engineering approach. But it is not fitting in approaching your team.

Many times during my meetings with leaders I have heard them saying things like “I don’t know much of psychology, all those things of emotions, characters, and feelings.”

Or “Honestly, I don’t understand people, how to deal with different personalities that they are more effective.”

Does that sound familiar to you?

They say “You seem to know how to approach me, how to talk to me, in “my language”!” And they want the same, they want that knowledge, that ability, and experience, to scan the person and know what’s inside. 

How to scan my people, to know what's inside?

But how to do it without a personality test and years of psychology studies or reading dozens of psychology books? How to understand their team? How to know “who is who”, how to label each of them?

The demand of leaders is for tools, for formula, for structure, for the checklist, to understand the person they are leading. To know, how to make them - honestly - do what they want them to do.

But there is no checklist.

Yes, our mind by nature needs labels. They are helpful for decision-making. That’s why we create stereotypes and “boxes” in which we put people. “The people-oriented one”, “The target-oriented one”, “The details-oriented one”, “The one who drives me crazy.”

But it’s not that simple.

And not that hard, either.

You don’t have to be a major in psychology, to do that.

When you discover what makes YOU tick, what are YOUR strengths, what energizes YOU, you NATURALLY will start to recognize those things in your team, too. Without a checklist.

You will start to look out for the signs - when your team member’s eyes start to shine. When they are engaged and when withdrawn. When they open up to you with ideas and suggestions, when closing down. When they show initiative and when take a sick leave after the task you delegated.

And you won’t need to check in your phone a cheat-sheet with tips on how to approach each personality.

Trust me, your degree in Business Administration or Engineering is absolutely enough to be able to get to know your people just enough to work with them successfully.

But it starts here, with you. And, while learning what makes YOU tick, we will show you how to learn, what makes YOUR TEAM tick, too.

Are you ready? Check out how to do it at

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