We deliver IMPACT

We deliver IMPACT.

people at right place Oct 29, 2020

In everything we do, we deliver impact.

We focus on meaningful and sustainable approaches, our attitude and behaviour, our fellows and the world around us. While we say what we mean, we keep our promises and take responsibility for our results. We believe that only when people and places go hand in hand will true transformation happen, and visible impact be created.

Without impact there is no motivation in the long run, no meaning or sense in the job itself. Without that you can only move your organization and people by money, bonuses and carrots (extrinsic motivation). And everyone knows where this is going to end.

Insight into the business and the significance of the individual’s role and participation in the operation is the key concept in the successful development of companies and organizations. After a substantial analysis and finding the “damage” in the DNA, we will support you step by step in finding the right adaptations and interventions for your organization.

The mission of PeopleAtRightPlace is to help repair damage to the DNA of organizations. We do not believe in short-term medication that temporarily removes the pain at first, but where the symptoms return worse than before in the long run. We do not want to just treat the symptoms. We aim at working on long-term solutions to make your organization sustainably successful and to create healthy structures for your people.

How do we do that?

Our new ParP concept explains how people and organisations go hand in hand. Analysing the chain of consequences along the structures, processes and practices which created unconscious barriers of “not allowed”, leading to frustration, resulting in inner resignation or official termination of employment.

we deliver impactVarious scientific studies have confirmed this observation. People in the right place will have a positive effect on their workplace as well as on their families and social life. We have developed methods to support your organization, leadership culture and – most of all – people in finding their right place in your company!

Transformation starts with awareness! Different perspectives, fresh insights and new knowledge are often the first important steps towards possible change. Be part of this transformation, look ahead and design a promising future for you and your organization.

“We believe that when the right working environment, clear structures and functioning processes are combined with the right people for each job, that the resulting success goes beyond the company books, to society as a whole. In everything we do, we align ourselves with our beliefs, values and purpose: with JOY, CURIOSITY, INDEPENDENCE, FELLOWSHIP and BEING REAL. Our lighthouse lantern leads us to deliver IMPACT.”

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