How to make New Year's resolutions succeed

How to make New Year's resolutions succeed

people at right place Feb 26, 2021

The last few days I'm busy reviewing the year, and I notice how I get tired of the classic New Year's greetings that bubble out of us out of automatism and habit. But 2020 was anything but automatic. We were all challenged to deal with change. Some succeeded quite well, but for many it was difficult.

I love change and variety. (This is not only my personal impression, but also the result of my individual bio-chemical report.👇) Even if I don't always see the GOOD in it from the start. Because one thing is clear for me: If I want to be HAPPY all the time, I have to be ready to change OFTEN.

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This year there were many changes in my life. Namely change in my habits, my patterns and my behavior.

And we as a team have done our best to develop a program specifically for leaders that addresses exactly that: Throwing old habits out the window and making room for new ways and conducive behaviors. AND most importantly, IMPLEMENTING them. That's what we're really good at! (Pssst: This is not just our opinion. Our Global Excellence Award 2021 for Behavioural Design Solutions is coming soon!🏆)

What does that mean specifically? What's in it for you? After almost 20 years of experience on how change actually succeeds in a sustainable way, we have developed two great programs:

  1. #UniquenessDiscovery Journey - a multi-week customized program that guides you to your true strengths and potential at your own pace. 
  2. #StrategyIntoPractice - a program for your core team or decision makers to bring your business strategy to life and implement it in your organization.

Both programs are proven, science-based, designed with passion and love, and personalized guidance. Put aside the well-intentioned New Year's resolutions and approach the coming year consciously and purposefully. We will accompany you!

I wish you a happy, healthy and above all fulfilling new year! 

Sincerely, Sabine


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