Following one passion make you less successful

Mar 30, 2022

"Follow your passion" is one of the most common and well-meant advice. However, there is data, that suggests, that following one passion actually can make you less successful.

Having one passion somehow indicates a belief, that our interests and passions are fixed, rather than changing along with us. Which is not the case. And fixed interests = fixed mindset. Fixed mindset = trouble.

Stanford scientists say that:

Following ONE passion can make you less successful, because it might mean you are narrow-minded.

And unable to connect different fields/areas. Little depressing, I know.

Passion might sound so abstract, that you have no idea, where even to start looking for it. So you don’t. It`s natural. If something is too abstract or too complex, our brain resists it.

Let me help your brain. And you.

Instead of searching for a mystical and mythic passion, look for the set of your talents and strengths. Each of us has it.

If that`s still too abstract, try this: When you do something, if you feel energized, joyful, that means you are using your strength.

Or, when you read/hear/see something and think “oh, that`s where I`d love to contribute, it sounds so interesting.” Even if you have no skills or experience, or knowledge, that`s the direction to go.

Even if your interest in something makes no sense initially, still, go for it.

When you start mastering your strengths – in other words, doing more of what you love, you eventually will become better and better in that. And that`s how you will develop one of your passions.

However, don`t stop there. Remember - Stanford. Don`t stop at ONE passion. Keep on exploring. Use your growth mindset. Growth mindset = success. Be open-minded and get comfortable with discovering new things!

Life is full of possibilities if you are looking out for them.




Inuta Sert

Behaviour Shaper & Organizational Psychologist @PARP

Inuta joined our PeopleAtRightPlace team in 2009. She has more than 15 years of experience in supporting people to find their right place, discover their potential and hidden limitations. She has graduated from Psychology department. Even though she loves to dig deep, she does it quickly and rather focuses on how to immediately improve today.

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