Be the one who chooses, not the one who gets chosen

Be the one who chooses, not the one who gets chosen

career Apr 22, 2021

I have been recruiting people since 2005. Various sectors, different positions. Thousands of experts, managers, and leaders just like you.

And one thing is common for most people.

They don’t feel comfortable when being interviewed.

You might think that someone who leads a Top500 company with hundreds of thousands of people are more confident than someone who is at the beginning of their career. But that’s not the case. When they come for a job interview and sit on “that side of the table”, almost everyone feels like they are back in the university exam. They think it’s about passing or failing. They believe there are right and wrong answers.

Most people want to prove their qualifications and sell, bend and pretend themselves in the best light.

They want to be chosen.

Very few are the ones who choose.

See, it’s a very human thing. I don’t want to dig into psychoanalysis now, but, let’s just make it clear, there is no judgment in wanting to be chosen. We are social beings, who expect recognition, appreciation, who wants to be liked and fit in. The desire to be the chosen one is natural.

However, it’s not the best mindset for the job interview.

Why not?

Because a job interview is a conversation for both parties to find answers to their questions. To find out, are they a good fit for each other.

With the thought of wanting to be chosen, you will have a hard time being and acting like yourself.

Most probably you will be tense and not the best version of yourself. And unintentionally, you will answer questions the way you think the interviewer wants to hear it.

You might get a job, but soon realize, how unfitting it is for you. You will either continue to struggle and suffer for years or mess up your career by leaving the job very soon and starting the exhausting job search all over again.

Why is it bad for the recruiter? They will suffer too, either by the continuous complaints of your direct manager. Or, starting the recruiting process from zero again, which clearly means lost time and costs.

So let’s get over it right now!

💡 I invite you to change your mindset to: “Do this organization and job fit me? Is it a place where I can do what I love and where I can use my strengths?”?

You and I have the same goal, in the meeting we are looking for an answer to that very question: "Do we want to work together?"

To have an answer on that, I need to get to know who you are, what your story is, what you're passionate about; and what it will be like to work with you as a potential colleague.

It is not possible if you try to convince the recruiter, that you are the right choice.

When we work for the same goal, a conversation is natural, where you share your story and ask questions to evaluate: "What would it be like to work there?", "What kind of culture does the organization have?", "What kind of people work there?", "How does the organization treat its employees?"

I bet you ask most of those questions to the travel agent when you organize your yearly vacation. But most of the applicants don`t ask it when choosing a place where to spend a minimum of 8 hours a day for years.

After 16 years in recruiting business, I can assure you, there are two things a recruiter truly needs from you and it’s your authenticity and passion.

Be the one who chooses, not the one who gets chosen.

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