5 steps to get the job you want

5 steps to get the job you want

career May 06, 2021

A lot of people struggle to get the job they want. I would love to share my experience and insights from my 16 years in recruiting.

Follow the 5 steps to get the job you want:

1. Know WHAT you want

A lot of people know what they don`t want. That is the first step. Great job!

Now, it`s your turn to figure out what you want. That means having a clear strategy for your career.

It`s not only the decision about a sector, position, organization. It`s about many other things, like your working style, what motivates you in your job, what energizes you, what makes you feel successful?

Be as detailed, as you can.

 2. Know WHERE to find opportunities

Don`t wait passively a headhunter call you. Find the platforms, channels, groups, social media, to find the most relevant job offers for you.

Don`t waste time on the vacancies that are not a good fit for you, but learn to read between lines, what is written in the job advertisement.

Apply only if it seems like a place, where you can do what you love, succeed, and get paid as you deserve.

Be active in your job search, talk to people, do networking, share your passions, be unconventional in your search.

3. Have a STRONG CV and LinkedIn presence

No matter, how good you are, it means nothing, if you can`t show it to others.

The presentation of your expertise starts with your CV and LinkedIn profile. Get support to prepare them, if needed.

If you insist on waiting for that headhunter to call you, then you need to work on this point double. Here are some of my tips regarding LinkedIn (Help a recruiter to find you).

4. Be well PREPARED for the job INTERVIEW

Do you believe you are a natural? Having high confidence will definitely help you. But a prepared natural is even more successful, than unprepared.

Study how to answer behavioral interview questions. Prepare your stories on most frequently asked job interview questions.

Know your strengths by heart and how they contribute to your accomplishments.

Know clearly what you want from your next job and organization, and what you can offer.

And learn how to express it all to the interviewer.

5. Be the one who CHOOSES

Change the mindset from “Do I fit for this job and organization?” to “Does this organization and job fit me?".

"Is it a place where I can do what I love and where I can use my strengths?”

To get an answer to that, ask questions that help you to evaluate:

"What would it be like to work there?",

"What kind of culture does the organization have?",

"What kind of people work there?",

"How does the organization treat its employees?"

You can`t find an answer to these questions while trying to convince the recruiter, that you are the right choice.


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