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How you reach peak performance and to find your sweet spot


Countless organisations around the world are urging their employees to perform better, and they are wondering how they can get more and the best out of their employees. But actually, the recipe is quite simple. Find your sweet spot.

Real leadership begins and ends in the brain - Our understanding of how the brain works has radically shifted, exploding long-held myths and fundamentally changing the way we interact and succeed in the workplace.

Neuroscientist Friederike Fabritius, Best-Selling Author of "The Leading Brain" has introduced the most important findings of modern neuroscience to the business community - offering us a host of new skills to excel at work, and even with friends and family.

When we speak of peak performance in top-class sport, it is something quite ordinary. Coaches always strive to help their athletes to reach their full potentical in order to achieve top performances. The demands of other industries have followed in recent years and peak performance is also required in other disciplines.

When we are in the state of flow, we perform at our peak. But how do you realize peak performance? All of us strive to find out our peak performance, where we are at our most productive and our most effective.

The good news is: The skills it takes to improve one’s mental game in business and in life can be learned, trained, and improved. Although more than one hundred neurotransmitters have been identified, from the standpoint of peak performance, only three are truly important: dopamine, noradrenaline and acetylcholine. Once you have created the right work conditions, you will be multiple times more productive – and happier, too.

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Neurotransmitter DOPAMINE

Dopamine is involved in your ability, to update information for your memory, and also affects your ability to focus on the task at hand. In the context of the brain and peak performance, it’s the FUN chemical.

Neurotransmitter NORADRENALINE

When you challenge yourself, your brain releases noradrenaline. It was evolutionarily designed to help you respond quickly to any threat, real or perceived. It does so by regulating your attention and alertness.

Neurotransmitter ACETYLCHOLINE

When you are in a state of focused attention your brain releases acetylcholine. Only when you are working single-mindedly without constant interruptions, it is possible to perform optimally.

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  • Understand what it needs to reach Peak Performance
  • 3F Recipe - FUN, FEAR, FOCUS
  • How to boost your peak performance
  • Implementation in daily work life
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