The end of bending - of talents and skills

#peopleatrightplace Oct 29, 2020

Last week I had an animal dream - I was a giraffe and had a conversation with a fish. The "fish" was a person who was obviously very close to me (emotionally, not physically in this time of social distancing) and she was very disappointed with my behaviour. She said to me that she wished I was more thorough and had more depth. I looked at her in amazement, bending my long neck down to her, going into the depths of her water. But after a few seconds I had to stretch to catch my breath. At the same time, I felt a great need to keep an eye out for all the things that might come our way. I turned my neck to all sides to get the overview I desired. 

"I wish you had more vision, that you were more open to new things and made quicker decisions," I finally said to her, the fish. Responding promptly to my statement she jumped as high as she could to take my perspective. But as high as she tried to jump, she was nowhere near able to get close to my height and certainly not to catch the same glimpse of the future. At that moment it became clear to her. Her expectations of me were absurd. Of course, I could bend and train longer every day under water. Still, I would never achieve her agility in the depths of the ocean.

The message of my dream

This dream has kept my mind occupied for a very long time. Many thoughts and feelings from the past weeks and months seem to have come together. Maybe that's why my back and neck are tense? Is this my blind spot? How much do I bend towards things that are not my nature at all? Many question marks led me to further questions, but also to some answers.

Why invest so much energy wher you can expect such little result? Wouldn't it be much wiser if each of us showed off our strengths, if we lived out our unique shape instead of pressing ourselves into a corset? Isn't the point of a team to be complementary? A football coach doesn't just put his team together from strikers, or am I getting something wrong? Instead, aren't there a variety of ideas and thoughts in times like these that move us forward, connect us and strengthen us? How useful is it if we're all 100% matches for the same “company competences"? In the industrial age this was definitely an immense advantage, but today, in the age of VUCA and corona viruses?

Waiting for the golden goose

I have long thought that we have misunderstood something enormously. Are schools and universities there to correct or encourage our children? Should we hook our approach on spotting weaknesses or raising potential? Should we continue to bend so that we seem to be loved and accepted, or do we finally dare to be ourselves? Does it make sense to focus on an individuals shortcomings in a development center or should we finally start to run a “Uniqueness Discovery Center”? How long do we want to spend our efforts on a wild goose chase for the perfect candidate or try in vain to develop the bird that lays all the golden eggs?

For over a year now, PeopleAtRightPlace have been looking for a personality inventory that we can use as an objective tool to scientifically demonstrate our understanding of the uniqueness and complementary collaboration of individuals. It is important to us to make "people in the right place" alive, tangible and experienced and thus give the unique potential of each individual the necessary visibility it deserves. We have found what we are looking for and are so pleased to introduce our new partner NeuroColor.

Do you not know what your unique fingerprint looks like?

Billions of potential combinations. It has never been possible to find two people with identical fingerprints. No wonder then, that it is the same with our talents, skills and abilities.

Not sure how and where to start? Are you wondering what your uniqueness is in all this chaos? Our latest scientific measurement is available online. Stay safe at home and learn how YOU work best. You can find more information about NeuroColor Temperament Inventory in our blog article:

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